Learn About Us

At Eco Plastics, we are concerned about the environment and the well-being of our oceans. We are a non-profit organization who collect discarded plastic and turn it into useful and sustainable products while providing work to people representing the full spectrum of human abilities.


We are actively engaged in our community school programs and other non-profit organizations that support like causes to educate people on the recycling process. It is our mission to make a positive impact on our environment for future generations.

Not only do we collect discarded plastic to create something useful, our manufacturing facility has solar panels that help us supply approximately 80% of our own power. We take pride in knowing that we are contributing to a bigger cause and hope to reach a goal of helping the environment become a better place to live for everyone.

Senator Stephanie Hansen

10/8/19 Senator Stephanie Hansen came in to check out our facility. We are grateful to have someone so interested in what we do and is willing to help us educate people on the importance of recycling.