About Recycling at Eco Plastics

Here we will tell you where to drop off the recyclables, what to look for when you're recycling and how to determine the different kinds of plastic.

What We Collect

We collect all kinds of plastic but our main focus for collection is #1(PETE), #2 (HDPE) and #5 (PP). The only types of plastic that we do not take is #3(PVC) because of the toxins it produces when melted.

How to Determine the Difference


#1 (PETE) and #2 (HDPE) are the most common types of recycled plastic. You can determine the type of plastic it is by looking on the bottom of any bottle or container to find a triangle with a number.

Where to Drop off the Recyclables:

-Newark Natural Foods

-Newark Library

-Newcastle Library

-Mid Atlantic Ballet

-Our Facility

More locations are coming soon!

We have bins in different locations where you can drop off your recyclables. We have one for plastic grocery bags and one for plastic bottles and containers. Please rinse and remove lids from any plastic bottles or container.